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Geneva Motor Show 2012: Green Pavilion and test drives

09 Mar 2012


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The 82nd edition of the Geneva Motor Show is open to the public since yesterday, and until 18 March, visitors will get the opportunity to discuss with electric vehicle (EV) experts in the Green Pavilion, as well as test-drive 20 different EVs. +PHOTOS.

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Johnson Controls revealed new modular design with prismatic cells

When first launched four years ago, the Green Pavilion initially showcased innovative projects and concept cars only. This year, however, more than half of the vehicles on display are already available for purchase or will hit the market in the next 12 months.

Most active French department in automotive field exhibits 4 EVs

Located in the region of Île- de-France, Yvelines, is the most active French department in the automotive field, gathering all actors, from research and development laboratories and recycling, to training and manufacturers such as Renault, PSA and many SMEs.

For the second time, the Yvelines General Council is exhibiting at the Geneva Motor Show. This year, 4 vehicles, built in Yvelines by innovative companies, are on display:

  • Lumeneo Smera: This car is 110cm wide and can seat two people in tandem. The Smera has the same safety standards as any other car, and because it can reach 130km/h, it can drive on highways when needed. The car weights 550kg and has an estimated range of 100km. Available in October 2012.
  • Lumeneo Neoma: It shares the same design cues as the Smera, as well as length (2.5m) and height (1.5m). It is .6m wider to accommodate side-by-side seating. That model has a range of 150km and top speed of 130km/h. Power comes from a 10kWh, 144 volt lithium battery pack driving a 30kW/42hp permanent magnet motors. Available in October 2012.
  • SynergEthic Tilter: Presented to the public for the first time, the vehicle is a full-electric tricycle which positions itself as an answer to sustainable mobility for urban drivers. The Tilter will hit the market in late 2012.
  • 3AI Moduleo: 150km of range and top speed of 90km/h, the originality of this vehicle lies in its modularity – the owner can adapt it to his needs. Without having to be demounted, the Moduleo can be used as a 2-seater urban car, a 4-seater sedan or a pick-up. Its body is extensible from 2.4 to 3.20m. The transformation of the car is electronically driven, and done in less than one minute.

Volteis by Starck – less AND more

Philippe Starck decided to create a minimalist vehicle, the Volteis, powered by electricity, to show that a car does not need tons of features to achieve its goal, which is transporting a number of people from one destination to another. “I wanted to offer an alternative… A really simple vehicle that is almost child’s play, with 4 wheels, a steering wheel, and electricity. A vehicle to transport us and our belongings. Almost nothing so that we have more humanity, more respect and more choice to show that we care about our environment,” he said.

Johnson Controls World Premiere: new modular design with prismatic cells

At the Geneva Motor Show 2012, Johnson Controls revealed a World Premiere: a new modular design with prismatic cells. This new design allows the company to product lithium-ion batteries for hybrids and electric cars quickly and flexibly, and with submodules, which contain all the essential components such as prismatic storage cells, electronic monitoring systems and cooling systems.

20 different EVs to test-drive

Driving an electric vehicle is the only way to understand why the driving style associated with these cars has nothing to do with driving an ICE. At the 82nd Geneva Motor Show, 15 brands are putting EVs available for test-drives on a 400m test route, but with the possibility for some of them to go for a 5km test drive in Geneva, outside of the Show area.

Some of the EVs available are already well known such as Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Citroën C-ZERO, Toyota Plug-in Prius, Opel Ampera, Ford Focus Electric, Nissan Leaf and Renault Fluence Z.E. It is possible to drive most of them outside the Show area.

Other EVs available for test-drives:

  • Two Renault Twizy are available for test-drives, in their 15kW version, which requires driver’s licence.
  • Bolloré BlueCar, reversed for subscribers of the AutoLib’ service in the Paris region, is available for test-drives in Geneva. Powered with lithium-metal-polymer batteries, accelerations are electronically limited to improve safety as many people are not yet aware of the difference with an ICE. The car has specific equipment, such as GPS with charging stations displayed, free parking slots…
  • Mia L, the stretched version of the Mia. Designed for family use, the Mia L can accommodate four passengers. The driver is seated in the centre and the three passengers and installed on a wide rear bench. The car has a range of up to 125km.

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