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Xavier van der Stappen

EV User

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Alternately, reporter, director, head of audio-visual-Doctors without border, designer of biodegradable sea kayaks, sailboats tester, producer, ethnographer, author of fifteen books, exhibition designers awareness, Xavier Van der Stappen is a man of land entered into the reality of a world he sees and decodes.

In his long years of studying the relationship between man and environment in Africa, he held that we should not ask more of the land it can give. It therefore promotes a value that should be universal: the quality of a company to survive its activity.

He said there is no point to conduct further research to assess our impact on our unique spacecraft, each gesture in the direction of respect is useful. A global thinking must be translated into local actions. "Think globally, act locally" he likes to pound.

That is why Xavier Van der Stappen, after connecting Dakar to Brussels in 2009 and Copenhagen to Cape Town in 2010 with electric prototypes used as educational tools, changes to the design of an urban electric vehicle. The I-Care project stems from his desire to finish the process.

The draft I-Care has the design of Pierre Lallemand renowned architect and designer of sailboats.

More information:

The concept car: www.icare-green.eu
EV steps: www.parisdakarnooil.org , www.coptocap.org
His previous activities: www.culture-com.org , www.kayakafrika.org
Photo: Project I-Care 333