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Stephan Nagel

EV User

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Stephan Nagel is a 54-years old electrical engineer. He has been a driver of electric vehicles for nearly 15 years. His electric vehicles are a little cabin scooter called CityEl with a range of approximately 100 kilometres and a Volkswagen Golf CityStromer.


Since 2001 he is the chairman of VERA (Verein der Elektromobilfreunde in der Region Aachen - Association of Friends of Electric Vehicles in the Region of Aachen – www.elektromobilfahrer.de). Their organization was founded in 2001 and has now nearly 50 members from the Netherlands, Belgium and mainly Germany. They are a member of the German Association for Electric Mobility. His task is to organize their meetings and special events for electric car drivers.


From 1975 until 2006 he was a soldier in the German Army. He is now retired and glad to dedicate a great deal of his time to VERA and to promote the idea of electric mobility.


In his opinion electric mobility is not just a matter of national affairs it should be an international mission.