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Lumeneo is the manufacturer of the SMERA, a small, ultra-narrow, tilting electric car.


Although it is no bigger than many scooters (96 cm wide, 250 cm long), the SMERA is homologated as a car (M1), meeting the same safety and crash-tests requirements as big SUVs. It is the ideal vehicle for commuting fast and safely through congested traffic.


It has a range of 150 km per charge, a top speed limited to 110 km/h and 0-100 km/h accelerations limited to 8 sec. Considering that the speed of a vehicle relates to the time needed to cover a distance, the SMERA is, in real life, clearly the fastest car in the world: it is nearly as fast as other cars on freeways and, thanks to its ultra-narrow size, it is as fast as a motorcycle in urban traffic.


The commercial production of the SMERA has started late in 2010.