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Katia della Faille

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Katia della Faille is Member of the Belgian Federal Parliament.

She hold a degree in Law and a Master in Communication from the University of Leuven (KUL).

She started her political carrer in 1994 by joining the Flemish liberal party Open VLD.
Soon after, she was elected as member of the city council of Huldenberg in 1994 and became a councilor in 2000. She was elected at the Belgian Federal Parliament in 2007.

All over her carrer, Katia della Faille has been concerned with environmental issue. She is an active advocate for electric vehicles, for which she has already made several interventions at the Parliament.


Katia della Faille

Katia della Faille

Katia della Faille driving a REVA electric car during the 2009 elections.


Katia della Faille is a Full Member of Going-Electric.

Website: www.katiadellafaille.be (in Dutch)