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Karel van Hilst

EV User

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Karel van Hilst graduated as engineer in Electricity in 1976 at the Hoger Instituut De Nayer - Mechelen


From 1978 up to now he is an employee of Belgacom.


Due to his e-car passion, he is frustrated about the technical and environmental combustion dragons. He is pushing e-cars, making people in the street understand the why of an electric motor & car; the why it is superior to combustion cars with its huge technological superiority and its enviromental advantage yet in a simple understandable way!


He is anxiously waiting to purchase a for me suitable e-car. For the moment he drives an e-max scooter using it for longer distances, distances between the shorter biking distance and the longer cars distances. As car he drives a VW Lupo 3L - up to now the most economic combustion car ever made.


For that and to make the displeasure clear to car manufacturers, he is co-working with ridemagnestism, which designed and manufactured a sticker to make car makers clear we want electric cars, wish we now try to sell and stick over the globe!