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NV Green Mobil SA is an importer and distributor of Battery Electric Vehicles.
It targets to develop sustainable transportation by putting clean and silent electric vehicles on the road.

Green Mobil had exclusive rights for REVA electric cars in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands until Sept 25, 2009.

Thanks to their ultra-small size and top speed of 80 km/h, REVA cars are ideally suited for driving and parking in congested cities.

Two battery types are available: REVAi (lead batteries), with a nominal range of 80 km, and REVA L-ion (lithium batteries), with a nominal range of 120 km.

Both types are available as passenger cars (2 + 2 seats) and van (2 seats + cargo space).

REVAi and REVA L-ion are registered in Europe as "heavy quadricycle" (L7e).

REVA, the ElectriCity car

Green Mobil was represented by a network of resellers covering Brussels, Liège, and Antwerp.