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DBT Freshmile

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DBT is the European pioneer in EV charging stations. It is the market leader today with more than 5,000 charging stations installed over the last 15 years. Headquartered in Northern France, it has provided 95% of the charging devices in use in French cities. DBT offers a wide range of charging stations, from slow-charge (3 kW and 7 kW) to fast-charge (up to 50 kW) devices, stand-alone or networked. DBT provides solutions for cars, buses and light trucks. Since 2010, DBT’s electric vehicle activities have become DBT-Freshmile, adding charging infrastructure and mobility services to the existing equipment offer (the Car 2.0 approach). DBT-Freshmile has also expanded outside Europe, starting activities in the USA and in China. Our clients are cities, local governments, public administrations and companies. Our partners are EV manufacturers, electricity companies and EV-related equipment suppliers.