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Charlotte de Silguy

EV User

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Charlotte de Silguy graduated from French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations. She started her professionnel life in a trading company based in Hong Kong before entering EDF (Electricité De France) in 1994, first in Beijing (China) and after in France in the human resources field for the international head office. She is then in charge of responsabilities concerning communication and sustainable development.


Since early 2009, she has been named General Secretary of Avere-France, Association for transport and electric mobility development, topic she is passionated by since she started at EDF, considering that electric vehicles are a lot more than substitute a polluting vehicle by another which pollute much less. Indeed, she thinks that this is a real opportunity to redesign mobility modes and our vision of transports.


Think more systemic, put the humanbeing in the heart of the city, rationalize our trips while thinking more "mobility services" than good's ownership, with the bright will that our mobility's modes will become eco-friendly symbols rather than signs of wealth ! ...


Charlotte de Silguy is a founding member of Going-Electric.